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Assurance & Reporting

Stakeholders never have been more concerned about an organization’s sustainability priorities and how fair it is in reporting on its corporate ventures to address environmental challenges, efficient use of resources and social responsibility. Leaders recognize and acknowledge the significance of setting up aggressive sustainability metrics side by side with ensuring transparent and prompt reporting to reflect progress. Credence from a trusted adviser further earns and retains stakeholders’ trust.
Our teams of experts can provide you support to:

  • Identify and evaluate the interests of all your stakeholders.
  • Carryout internal audits to measure the efficacy of your internal controls.
  • Ensure credibility and authenticity of the data for regulatory compliance- such as EU ETS, RTFO, GHG emissions- as well as for sustainability reporting.
  • Provide support for effective reporting to sustainability indices by providing you a better understanding of the questionnaire; in the process, we’ll also identify the shortcomings to improve your rankings.
  • Assess your current reporting and compare against best practices, identify the room for operational improvements and enhance it to incorporate future future-looking analysis and strategy beyond compliance.
  • Verify and authenticate your data in line with social and environmental market standards such as Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Greenhouse Gases (GHG) Protocol, AA1000.
  • Incorporate and align measurable sustainability goals with your corporate strategy based on financial, operational and regulatory performance measures.
  • Evaluate the potential impact of your sustainability objectives on your products and services life-cycle.
  • Execute a comprehensive business management system or integrated reporting.


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